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Mobile phones have entirely changed or rather should be said evolved in many ways. No one knew that the device which merely got invented with the purpose of making and receiving calls to reach faraway people will provide us with so many things. Mobile now serves as a multi-tasking device and not just limited itself for making or receiving calls but now make us to do lot more things. We can now take pictures, share videos and listen to the songs and the most recent that get added into the list is mobile commerce. We can now shop, make our online transactions, can order food and do many things from mobile. Few companies are manufacturing mobiles and they use different platform to run the apps like android and IOS.

Android is a friendly platform and the users of android are many in numbers. This has become the reason that many online companies and business is developing applications to run specifically on android so that they can reach number of the people and this automatically will increase their sales. As mobile has now become a necessity for every person, business world people understand its importance and using mobile commerce and marketing to sale their products. This again has given rise to the demand of android app developer and there are many companies who are providing these people to hire android app developer. You can easily avail the developers and make them to develop app the way you want.

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